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Pro Mow has been searching for a way to stand out amongst our competitors in the Kansas City Lawn Care Market since day one. What did we come up with?

Our Guarantee

It sounds too easy. Or at least that’s what we thought at first. As it turns out, the majority of our competitors don’t have a guarantee. So what did we do? We took that idea and ran with it.

You see, before we had developed a reputation for providing outstanding lawn care services and outstanding customer service, we had to think of ways to ‘convince’ potential clients to give us a try. So we came up with an outstanding guarantee to help clients feel more comfortable using us.

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So, What is our Guarantee?

It’s simple. We want you to be so happy with our services, so totally thrilled that you will recommend us to your friends and family. You’re the judge. If you are not absolutely delighted with our work, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. ​

Anyone can say satisfaction guaranteed, but we got specific, put it in writing, and posted it on our website. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.​

Seriously, name another lawn company that guarantees in writing your complete satisfaction with every service. And if anything about that service disappoints you, the company will immediately fix the issue at their expense without argument, complaint, or excuse. And if after attempting to fix your concern you were still dissatisfied, they would, without argument, pay another lawn company of your choosing to fix your concern.

Hard to imagine?

Well, that’s what we do. That’s our guarantee.

We are also among one of the only lawn care companies in Kansas City to actually enforce a 100% legal workforce. Crazy as it sounds, one of the only lawn care companies to still show up live and in person to give estimates for large jobs. We also train our staff.

We actually get out of the office and into the trucks and work side by side with our teams to ensure they are properly trained. We discuss safety, communication, and even ethics. We don’t just hire a new employee, toss them the keys, and expect them to drive safely and apply treatments to your lawn properly.

When we started Pro Mow, we knew all we had to do was take unusually good care of our clients. The rest would fall into place.

Why do our clients love us?

We suppose it’s because we often call to check up on our clients, send thank you cards, or send surveys to find out how we can improve. It could be because we are always available and willing to visit our client’s homes in person before starting a project. Or maybe it’s because we prefer to pick up the phone and call our clients, rather than hide behind email? It could be because in the rare event something does go wrong, we fix it and we fix it fast.

Our guess, it’s because our team is made up of unusually good people. And that’s what Pro Mow is all about.


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