Lawn Services

At Pro Mow Lawn Care, we have always believed in being great at that one thing rather than being just average at several things. So what do we do?​

We create beautiful lawns.

And we GUARANTEE it.
That’s it!

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

A Pro Mow employee mowing a lawn. The grass is green and shows striping.

We are dedicated to helping Kansas City homeowners like yourself create and maintain a beautiful property without you breaking a sweat.

Weed Control & Fertilizer

An employee using weed control techniques to keep a mulch bed weed free.

Have a lawn that’s been taken over by weeds? Or just looking to maintain an already healthy, weed free lawn?​ We can help!

Spring & Fall Services

A pile of leaves ready to be removed from a property during the fall.

Don’t let leaves sitting on your lawn all winter starve your lawn of the nutrients it needs. Schedule your fall clean up today!

Turf & Bed Edging

A flower bed containing pruned trees and shrubs. The flower bed has been edged and is well defined and clean.

Nothing highlights a nice landscape like some well-defined bed edges!  If you have ever attempted this yourself, you know how labor intensive it is.

Aeration & Seeding

A lawn in the process of being aerated with machines.

Whether you‘re in need of a complete lawn restoration, or just looking to fill in a few bare spots, we have the green thumb you are looking for!

Organic Lawn Care

A photomanipulation of a hand holding a globe of plants.

If you have children or small pets frequently playing on your lawn, it’s time to go green. Contact us today to see if a hybrid organic lawn care program is right for you!

About Us

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Kansas City, Missouri
Liberty, Missouri
Smithville, Missouri
Parkville, Missouri
Gladstone, Missouri

Zip codes: 64155, 64156, 64157, 64154, 64089, 64118, & 64119

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