Payment Options

“I am new to Pro Mow. What are my payment options?”

That’s a terrific question, so I thought I would take a moment to discuss our payment process.

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Automatic Billing

Customers utilizing this option will receive a payment authorization form the day they sign up for services. All payment information is securely stored in our billing software, which is encrypted and adheres to the PCI Data Security Standards. Your payment will automatically be processed at the completion of each service. No bills. No late fees. Just automated pay as you go.

Note: If the payment fails to process due to incorrect information, or a declined charge, we will attempt to process the payment one more time. If the payment fails to process the second time, all services will be suspended until updated payment information is provided to us, and the balance on the account is paid in full. This is the only payment option available for all recurring services (i.e. weekly lawn mowing service).


If you would like to pay with a check, this is available to you. Simply mail us a check for the projected total amount of services to be performed that month, and your account will be credited for that amount. You can also prepay online by clicking the “Make a Payment” link under the contact menu.

Note: This payment method is not available for any recurring services (i.e. weekly lawn mowing). Service will be suspended when the account balance reaches $0.00. In order for service to continue, your account must show a positive balance at all times.

At this time, we do not currently offer monthly billing for any services. It is our goal to provide lawn care services as efficiently and effectively as possible. For that reason, all services are prepaid or billed immediately at the completion of each service.

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