If a healthy green lawn is what you’re aiming for, then practicing good watering techniques is crucial. Of all the time, energy, and money we dedicate to our lawn in hopes of achieving that beautiful thick green turf that will really stand out amongst all the other Kansas City lawns, proper irrigation techniques may be the single most important part of the entire process.

Start implementing these proven methods when watering your lawn this season, and the results will amaze you.

1.) Water early

If you live in Kansas City, the morning time is the best time to water your lawn. Watering in the morning allows plenty of time for the water to soak into the soil before evaporating from the afternoon heat. There is also less wind in the morning time, which can also help prevent water droplets from drying up too quickly. Watering in the evening is also not a good idea. Watering your lawn after 6 pm allows too much time for the water to sit and promote fungus.

The ideal time of day to water your lawn is before 9:00 am.

2.) Water deep

Healthy lawns have a root system that is about 6 inches deep. It is important to water long enough to moisten the soil to about that depth. You can check the depth of the soil moisture simply by lifting up the sod with a shovel. Check the soil periodically while watering for the first few times. Once you determine out how long it takes to moisten the soil to a depth of 6 inches, you can use that information for future irrigations.

Every Kansas City lawn is different, so the time it takes to reach 6 inches will vary. That is why it is important to test your specific lawn if you want to achieve maximal results.

3.) Take it easy on the new seed

Heavy watering on new seed can move the seed around, and even create streams that carry the seed away. Water new seed lightly, so the droplets are softer when they hit the ground. The idea isn’t to saturate the seed, but just to keep it moist enough to germinate.

4.) More isn’t always better

Watering your lawn too much can cause a lot of unwanted issues, including a hefty water bill. From fungus, disease, and even a shallow root structure, watering your lawn too often is always a bad idea. Water your lawn 2-3 times per week once the summer months arrive. Deep, infrequent watering will always provide better results for your lawn.