Lawn Care Quotes

The best time to get lawn care quotes is throughout the winter months. Here in Kansas City and throughout most of the country, lawn care companies aren’t nearly as busy from late November through early March as they normally are during the growing season. This makes winter months the best time to contact your lawn care provider for information regarding the upcoming season.

It’s fairly common for most lawn care companies to have to adjust their rates throughout the years of service they provide to you. However, if you’re not satisfied with the current rate you’re paying, the winter months can provide you with plenty of time to shop around if needed. Keep in mind, a lower-priced option doesn’t always turn out to be the best option. Companies will often upsell services that don’t really need to be done, charge extra for a service that should already be included, or flat out provide poor service to compensate for their low ball quote. This unethical, and just bad business in my opinion.

Another important thing to consider when reviewing quotes is insurance and compliance of the company. It probably goes without saying, but a lot of lawn care services aren’t operating legally. They may be able to offer the lowest prices, but they aren’t paying taxes, carrying liability insurance, or even fail to carry the required workers’ comp. This can cost you in a very bad situation if an accident were to happen on your property while they are working.

Pro Mow aims to be the best lawn care provider in Kansas City. We focus on quality work and honesty. We do everything we can to keep our overhead costs as low as possible so we can offer the highest quality of service at the lowest possible price.

A great company should have no problem providing accurate quotes during any part of the year. It would just be more beneficial for you, the customer, if you allowed yourself the time of shopping around during the winter months.